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Accessibility Information

Our parking lot has numerous accessible parking spaces marked specifically for vehicles with handicapped parking placards. We have accessible porta-potty units.

The parking lot is good ol’ Central Valley hardpan and we use dust and dirt control measures each season so it's easy to maneuver most wheeled devices or chairs.

The concert grounds consist of a flat, level lawn which is mowed short. Most wheelchairs or scooters are able to navigate it easily. Please be cautious that there may be uneven ground or potentially small potholes (gophers!) and watch your footing if you're using anything to assist your walking.

We do not have a designated handicapped or wheelchair seating area as the entire concert ground is open to any type of seating that you wish to bring, short of your own golf cart or ATV.

The ApCal concert grounds have a number of features to help with accessibility for guests with mobility issues or who use wheelchairs or other mobility devices.

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